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GTS PROJECTS is an Engineering Company Undertakes Turnkey Projects consisting of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction of Air Pollution Control systems (Wet Scrubber System, Blowers, Dust Collector, Fume Extraction System, Pulse jet Bag Filter, Industrial Chimneys), Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Treatment Plants for varied types of Industries and RO/UF Recycling systems, MVR Evaporators, ATFD for complete salt recovery and Raw Water Treatment Plant & Equipments (Filter vessels, mixers, agitators, Clarifier raker arms, Tube settler media, UNDERDRAIN Filtration systems) and Sewage Treatment Projects from prefabricated packaged STP to Turnkey Higher capacity Sewage Treatment Projects, Scientific Secure Landfill Systems, Organic Waste Composting Machine and other Heavy Engineered chemical process equipments. GTS PROJECTS have supplied more than 300 products to all over India and Exported as well.

CEO Profile

G.Thirugnanam is a Chemical Engineer, have worked in Fertilizer/Petrochemical Industry andvPower Plant and Contractors dealing Wastewater treatment Projects and Environmental Consulting Services (EIA). He started the business in 2001 with the passion on Environmental pollution control technologies and focussed on developing these engineering and technologies for achieving sustainable environment. G.Thirugnanam  conversant in Design, Detailed Engineering, Manufacturing/Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning, O&M of Industrial Effluent/Water/Sewage Treatment plants and Process Equipments, Air Pollution Control Systems & Equipments and Conducting EIA study and Environmental consultancy works and Liaison with Govt statutory and have 24 Years of experience.

CEO’s Message

I am glad to welcome you to our website. First I thank everyone of our client for giving us opportunities to serve. Building customer trust is the key to our business. Over 20 years of successful journey, today our company become one of the well known Environmental/ Pollution control Projects Management Company. We GTS PROJECTS are one among few companies dealing All Air, Wastewater, Solid Pollution control Systems and Rendering Environmental Consulting Services as one stop shop. We’re always on a path of continuous improvement.

We GTS PROJECTS, the company with a proud past, present and a bright future!

As a leader of our company, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about all our Products and Services and request to support us.

We assure that we would strive at our best to offer our products and services with our continuous improvement and Innovation in our new technologies in best competitive value and in scheduled time.


To be recognized as reliable Source for ensuring business success in delivering World Class Engineered Product and Services and Turnkey Solutions at the most competitive price with premium quality and reliability


To become an Exemplary Engineering Contracting and Manufacturing Company known for our Projects Management Skills, Integrity and Unflinching Commitment of its entrepreneurial- employees, towards Our Customers and other Business Associates providing best value 

Our Value and Commitment:

Our Company name GTS PROJECTS means TRUST and CONFIDENCE and is a reflection of our commitment to give in excess than the customer’s expectations.

Learning from Experience, we GTS PROJECTS firmly believes that client satisfaction indeed the single most important factor for our business success. 

Business sector GTS PROJECTS Served:

Textile (Dyeing, Bleaching, Printing, Washing)

Leather Tanneries

Pharmaceutical (Bulk drug, Tablet formulation)

Foundries (Induction Furnaces, Oil fired, Diesel Fired furnaces, Cupola furnaces, Coreshooters)

Automobile (Vehicle manufacturing and automobile part manufacturing)

Steel re rolling mills (Scrap melting, pellet reheating, rerolling)


Power plants

Petrochemicals/ Fertilizer

Oil refineries

Sugar & Distilleries

Speciality chemicals

Dairy Units

Paper mills

Engineering Industries (Electroplating, anodizing, Powder coating, Acid pickling,  Pump manufacturing, Flower extraction, Barrel making)

Building sectors (Institutes, IT buildings, Commercial buildings like Malls, Residential complex, Industrial Estates)

Water Treatment Projects

Sewage Treatment Projects


States we worked

Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra pradesh, Pondicherry


Countries we exported, worked

Australia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Mexico, Maldives, Srilanka

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