Multiple Effects Evaporators

We design, manufacture and install Multiple effect evaporator systems. Developed under the supervision of expert engineers, these systems serve the needs of different clients in an efficient way. We have competence to custom design them according to the specifications sent by our global clients.

Falling Film Evaporators For Textile Effluent

multiple_barometric condensorEnviro Solutions & Services offers Falling film evaporators and combination of falling film and forced circulation evaporators for Textile effluent/dyepath/RO reject wastewater applications.

Forced Circulation Evaporators

multiple_double effect evaporator (forced circulation)Forced circulation evaporator Systems manufactured by us are extensively used in Textile industries, chemical industry pharmaceutical industry, Tannery plants and other allied industries. These are used to concentrate the RO reject water to get the concentrated salts.

Barometric Condensor

multiple_multiple efflect evaporatorESS offer barometric condensor equipment in Multiple effect evaporators for generating vacuum. We undertake supply of such components involved in the MEE for any kind of wsewatr or process applications.

Steam Ejectors

multiple_steam ejectorWe provide Steam ejector to produce vacuum across the evaporator system. Widely accepted in domestic and global markets, the product possesses features of durability, precise dimensions, and trouble free long usage.

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