Effluent Treatment Plant And Equipments

We are involved in manufacturing, supply and export of high grade Effluent treatment plant and equipments. Following are different kind of STPs we offer:

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic effluent treatment plants
  • Diffused aeration system
  • Chemical Precipitation of high COD effluent
  • Colour removal for textile effluents
  • Air stripper
  • Tertiary Treatment Plants
  • Tilted Plate Interceptor / Cross Flow Interceptors for Oil Separation
  • Dissolved Air Flotation for emulsified / oily waste
  • Multiple effect evaporators
  • Water reclamation and reuse
  • Ultra filtration plants/ MBR systems
  • Nano filtration plants
  • Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Bio Methanation plants
  • Anaerobic Digestors/Anaerobic ponds for high BOD/COD removal
  • Chemical dosing systems.Oil separator
  • Oil skimmer
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